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Vashikaran Mantra For Love

Vashikaran Mantra For Love

Vashikaran Mantra for Love

Love is one of the powerful things but there are times when you don’t’ have to be reciprocated. There may be some problems can be done. But the people who love truly can try to win the heart of their lover and get them into their life. Some people can believe in mantras. If you want to love you can use vasikaran mantras in your love. You can follow some of the mantras given below:

Vasikaran mantra

Mohini Mata.boot pita. Bhoot sir vital I

Ud aim kali {after that you have to say the person name whom you is love}.

KO JA lag hi {after that you have to say the person name whom you is love}.

KO lag Jaye Hamari Mohabbat ki aagi

Na khade such, Na let such, a some such I

Sindhoor chadhuan manga war,

Kabhi Na chode Hamara khyal I

Jab Tak Na dekhe Hamara much,

Kaya tadaop-tadap mara Jaye I

Dikhaho re shabad apne

Guru Je ilm ka tamasha ii

This is one f the vasikaran mantra it is one of the easiest mantras you can say this from 3 to 5 times. Make sure that the mantra with all your heart. Use this mantra with the good intention and when your love comes into your life you can say thanks to the universe and keeps them happy.

Vasikaran mantra for attraction

Om chamunday Jai Jai stambya

Stambhaya bhanjya bhanjya

Mahay mohay sarvste Namah swaha

You have to say this mantra for 41 days for 1008 times. You can take the red flower and said this mantra. After doing this mantra gives that flower to the girl who you love and she will attract towards you. This attraction mantra can also be used to bring the lost love back and you can attract your lover. So that you can have your lover in your life.

Vasikaran mantra for control

Ii Om hum (person name)

May vashayam kuru swaha ii

You have to say this mantra with belief in your heart you can imagine your eyes your lover in front of you and feel like they are yours. This can work for both the people men and women and it is a powerful mantra that used in the right way.

Vasikaran mantra for the strong relationship

Om udda maheshvray Sarv jagmohanay

An aan e ee u uu tra traj phat swaha I

This mantra can make your relationship to be stronger. If you are facing some problems in your relationship it will helpful for you. This is one of the strongest vasikaran mantras that make you be stronger in your relationship and make your love to be successful.

Vasikaran mantra for lost love

Om Namah Bhagwati rudray drishti

Lekhi Nahar swah duhai kansasur Ji

Joot joot phura mantra ishwaro Vacha I

This mantra is so effective and gets back your love. If someone has lost you to love or broken in your relationship use this mantra it is very powerful. Say this mantra for 21 days with all your heart with pure intentions it will give your love back in your life. You have to set the perfect time to say this mantra.

Vasikaran mantra to get love back

Ii Om namoh kat vikat Ghor rupini

(Personal name)

Say vashmanay swaha ii

You can use this mantra from Sunday or Monday. This procedure will lead you to achieve the positive results quickly. You can recite this mantra 1108 times by placing the plate of your food in front of you and it gives more energy. This mantra will give your lover back.

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Vashikaran Mantra For Love

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